Livingstone Tanzania Trust

It is vital for a small charity to be seen to acting ethically and we are concerned that we are compliant with all the latest data protection laws.

I contacted Chorus when the new provisions were announced and they came in and did a technical assessment of our process and procedures. The next stage was to advise on how the new regulations applied and then work through the best solutions for our needs within those regulations.

They produced our quality manual outlining the agreed processes and forming a revised system clearly highlighting the critical controls points that we needed to address in our staff training and monitoring.

This is an ongoing process and we have worked out a system of ensuring we review sections of our process on a monthly basis so that annually we have monitored our whole system, recording the usage and compliance of each area of the regulation.

We found the Chorus approach to be right for us and their knowledge of the subject matter was excellent and we have found a solution to our ongoing system which fits our time requirements and keeps red tape to a minimum while allowing our staff to go about their roles safe in the knowledge that we are handling our client details in a compliant manner.

Clive Shiret 


Truvox International Ltd

As part of our route to GDPR compliance Chorus Advisers were recommended to Truvox by our auditors.  We have worked with Andy Crow and John Moorhouse throughout 2018 to ensure our team here fully understood the legislation and how it applied to both Truvox and to our partners.

The team here all enjoyed working with Andy and John, who brought their extensive knowledge of GDPR to us, but also married it with a high level of commercial good practice.  They also introduced us to additional sources of information and training.

We all found their help and advice an integral part of our successful project completion, and would happily recommend them to prospective clients.

David Overell

Managing Director